Trivia, Some Context On

Trivia. This is a topic that I have been meaning to write about for months.  Indexers collect trivia by the bushel: the oddments, scraps, crumbs, and often the unintentionally remembered leavings of their daily work.  They are known to inflict it on each other or anyone else who might be listening. Trivia should not be […]

Of Courage and Cowardice

Another anniversary of 9/11 has passed. Along with memories of the physical events of that day, I still recall the conceptual haze that filled the air like the spreading column of dark smoke rising from the twin towers. I have been thinking this past week of the onset of this decade’s semantic wars. Book indexers, […]

Great Teachers: Reinhold Niebuhr

While studying at NYU in the postwar years it occurred to me that what I needed was some actual education. To that end I dropped in at the New School for Social Research on 12th Street, took home a copy of the school catalog and circled many of its alluring course titles. One of the […]