The Map.  In childhood I was given to improvising maps of small towns and villages.   I would often start with a stream, add a bridge, a railroad, then several roads that would converge at the town’s center.  And there would be a small park, a railroad station, a store, a post office, a school, a […]

Morningside II: Five Great Teachers

Moving uptown from NYU’s Washington Square College in Greenwich Village to Morningside Heights and Columbia was more a matter of cultural than geographical relocation. NYU turned out to be the right place to sort out, debate, and eventually establish one’s lifelong political and philosophical leanings. This process occurred mainly in the school cafeteria, known as […]

The Intelligent Indexer’s Guide to YouTube

For some time I have known that while doing certain kinds of work I have what I would call “excess attention.”  Unused or possibly unusable passive mentation.  My first responder brain cells are fully engaged, you understand.  It doesn’t matter whether I am writing or editing indexes or, in olden times, typing from hand-written index […]