Top Drawer

An exercise. Under my elbows is a desk drawer, a bordered chaos, unconnected to any of the larger chaoses that we ignore or deal with as each day begins, or ends. (Note: chaos is a word not easily found pluralized in or out of dictionaries.  A website, “More Words” affirms that it is a valid […]

Trivia, Some Context On

Trivia. This is a topic that I have been meaning to write about for months.  Indexers collect trivia by the bushel: the oddments, scraps, crumbs, and often the unintentionally remembered leavings of their daily work.  They are known to inflict it on each other or anyone else who might be listening. Trivia should not be […]

Amory’s Game

There are two classes of opponents that average chess players seek to avoid.  There are those who can be easily defeated and consequently do not offer an interesting game.  Then there are the much superior players with whom it may be difficult to get a game in the first place, even if you don’t mind […]


While waiting for my train at Pleasantville the other day, I did what I often do to relieve boredom: I look for words using letters in the rectangular station sign. The longer the word the more credit I allow myself. I have found numerous seven-letter words, but not many eight-letter words, excluding the obvious “pleasant.” […]