Indexing FAQs

Editor’s Note: The following FAQs were selected and answered by indexing dean Philo del Sorto. Has a film ever been based on an index? Aside from suggestively titled movies like Alfie (1966), the nearest an index has come to taking its place in film history is The Alphabet Murders (1965) which was based on an […]

Of Courage and Cowardice

Another anniversary of 9/11 has passed. Along with memories of the physical events of that day, I still recall the conceptual haze that filled the air like the spreading column of dark smoke rising from the twin towers. I have been thinking this past week of the onset of this decade’s semantic wars. Book indexers, […]

Fire Leaf

A few days ago I joined June Bissell, George Tuesday and P. del Sorto at the Pleasantville Diner for breakfast.  Ordered the usual eggs over well, crisp bacon, and home fries.  While Rhonda, the waitress, poured the coffee, George asked me when he could expect the next installment of Indexing Life.  June said that I […]