Paul Blackburn: Letter from a poet

During my first year at NYU, I joined a group of university wags who thought it might be fun to satirize the “little magazines” of the day with a mimeographed production of their own. We called it Shades probably because we were unable to think of a more pretentious title. But it wasn’t long before […]

Botanical Note: S. arboricola

I have been trying to think of a handy little definition of “myth” that would explain my 20-year relationship with a favorite plant, the Schefflera arboricola, commonly called an “umbrella plant,” which provides a leafy green barrier between a sliding glass door and my living room. First, a few details. Over time, I have learned […]

The Nine Bad Moves of Indexing: Part Two

The Nine Bad Moves of Indexing (and How to Avoid Them) by J. Bissell, P. del Sorto, and G. Tuesday Part Two: Moves 6-9 6 ) Do not underindex. Your decision about how much to index is likely to be based not only on your practiced sense of what the readers of your assigned book […]